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How the Lightning Treatment Works

BODY OR Psyche?

In the past we have tended to consider conditions to be either physical or mental. There is either something "broken" or it's 'all in your mind'. We now know along these lines of seeing things is organically off base and has restricted the treatment choices for some conditions and criticized or underplayed numerous genuine physical conditions.

Through a consistent stream of research of the Lightning treatment, we now better value the part that the mind plays in numerous parts of physical wellbeing.

The Lightning Process takes at what we can do with both our mind and our body to help our circumstance. This joined approach we would state is the most ideal approach to guarantee the best possibility of achievement.

The abilities should then be put into practice with consistency, utilizing the aptitudes as a part of the correct way and applying them at the opportune time. The Lightning Process consequently requires a flat out duty and availability to take every necessary step and work on any components that may contribute variables.


Depicting the Lightning Process essentially is troublesome as it is not a certain something. It is a blend of things which is custom-made to every individual's necessities. It is a system in which I work.

Utilizing ideas, for example, NP and PNI, we see at how individuals' mind's and bodies can stall out in reacting in improper however programmed ways. Our work then is to standardize a man's reactions to things (exercises, sustenance, work out, individuals and so on)

Something we take at is the part of the (PER) which can likewise get to be mechanized through a past affair of waiting anxiety (an ailment or damage, passionate anxiety or injury).

We retrain individuals' reactions by utilizing a specific blend of body stances and developments, self-entrancing abilities, stances and an arrangement of unequivocally focused on inquiries. These hope to intrude on old methods for reacting physically and rationally, and make new more solid ways. In accordance with our comprehension of NP, Lightning treatment is the repetitive way of the new abilities that can then make another and sound "programmed" method for reacting to body changes and stress.